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Apply for Free Native Tree Seedlings

Trees for Wildlife is an educational program of the National Wildlife Federation providing adult leaders with fun, hands-on science-based activities to help young people learn about the importance of trees and how to plant and take care of trees for the future. This program aims to educate and prepare a generation of environmental stewards, expand the world inventory of trees and to protect and improve natural resources.

You can join us by organizing a tree planting and/or tree giveaway events in your community that will improve the environment and provide children and youth with opportunities to practice stewardship.

Read the Guidelines and you may receive free native trees for your community event.

National Wildlife Federation through the generous support of donors and funders is able to provide native trees to groups to plant in their communities.  We accept applications on a rolling basis (no deadline) from schools, community groups and organizations to host a tree planting event that engages children and youth, a community tree giveaway or a combination event.

Before applying, please review the guidelines to see if you are eligible.  Please note that we award as many trees as we can, but due to high demand, not all applications will be successful.

Apply Now! Applications are being accepted on a rolling basis, although applications must be submitted AT LEAST 90 days before the event date.

Not Sure Where to Begin?  It’s Easy as 1, 2, 3…

1) Find a location to plant trees – you can plant almost anywhere!  A site can be your backyard your schoolyard, your community park or even a common area at your townhouse.  Identifying a location to plant may seem difficult but by using our “how to” guide for planting – it will walk you through each step

2) Identify what type of native trees to plant – trees are either deciduous (lose their leaves in the Fall) or conifer (evergreen).   The type of tree that you wish to plant should fit the location for the future – think 10 years ahead – how tall it will grow, is there enough light and what is the soil like (wet, dry, mix). Do you need help to identify what trees are native to your area? 

To assist you in identifying the native trees for where you live, please either review the list of available trees by state that you can order from NWF or consult the Lady Bird Johnson’s Wildflower Center and search by zip code.

3) Determine when you wish to plant and apply to potentially receive free native trees.  Review the guidelines before you apply to determine your eligibility.

Available Resources

Need inspiration from completed projects? Get ideas from this great list of plantings from 2015.

If you have questions or need assistance, contact Trees for Wildlife Staff at trees@nwf.org or 703-438-6177.

For Accepted Applicants, please use the following resources to complete your obligations for the donation

If you are conducting a tree giveaway in your community, please use the these additional resources 


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