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Amanda Leon

Amanda Leon

Amanda Leon

Regional Philanthropy Officer
California Region

Amanda enjoys strengthening the connection National Wildlife Federation members and philanthropists have to wildlife conservation projects throughout the state and country. Born and raised in the Golden State, Amanda values the diversity of the people and landscapes that make California an exceptional place to bring perspectives together around coexisting with wildlife.

From Amanda:

As a single parent, my mother worked very hard to support us. Luckily, we lived in Southern California where we could draw upon a wealth of outdoor experiences to entertain, educate and amaze us. I first encountered snow on a trip up to Mt. Baldy. I touched the ocean for the first time on the shore of Huntington Beach. And I first saw a sky chock full of stars in Twenty-Nine Palms.

I came to NWF to ensure future generations—whether in vast metropolitan areas or remote corners of the state—continue to have access to the natural wonders that inspired and amazed me. I am excited to work alongside passionate staff, scientists, volunteers and supporters who are dedicated to protecting wildlife and restoring ecosystems across our country.

Prior to joining the National Wildlife Federation's California team, Amanda raised funds for student scholarships and services at her alma mater, Cal State University, Fullerton. She enjoys hiking new trails and listening to live music in her free time.

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