Getting Started

Kids and Families

Photo by Rebecca Seymour

Kids Engagement

As a Butterfly Hero, you and your child have many opportunities to enjoy nature together. Share your child’s delight as plants grow and butterflies, bees, and birds arrive in your garden. Look for the following to experience the wonder first hand. Ask your child:

  1. Which flowers are most popular? Check out whether certain kinds of butterflies seem to prefer visiting certain flowers.
  2. Do the butterflies' colors blend in or stand out? Are they more camouflaged with their wings open or closed?
  3. Can you identify the butterflies you spot? Note their size and shape, the colors and patterns on their wings, and how they fly. Then use a field guide to search for their names. You could also go online to for lots of helpful information.
  4. Can you get close enough to watch a butterfly's long tongue unroll? Can you use a magnifying glass to see the tiny scales that cover its wings.
  5. Observe leaves for tiny eggs and check back to discover caterpillar growth. Milkweed leaves with bites taken out is a first clue for finding caterpillars!
Here are some ideas for children to make the most of their butterfly garden habitat!

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