Textbook Recycling Program

The National Wildlife Federation (NWF) has partnered with McGraw-Hill and NewPage Corporation to pilot a textbook recycling program. The partnership combines McGraw-Hill's sustainability commitment, NewPage's desire to increase fiber recovery, and NWF's environmental education and sustainability programs. The Campus Ecology program will help coordinate the pilot project in collaboration with NWF's Eco-Schools USA program.

Program Overview
NWF will hold textbook recycling events at select K-12 schools and colleges campuses in Minnesota and Wisconsin twice throughout the school year. Two fellows from NWF's Campus Ecology program will coordinate these events and help with outreach in the pilot locations. Efforts will aim to draw in not only students, teachers, and schools officials, but also members of the larger community.

NewPage Corporation will supply recycling bins at the events and ensure that the textbooks collected are appropriately recycled. The textbooks will be processed by a third-party to remove the hard covers (if existing) and bindings prior to recycling as these would be considered contaminants in the recycling/deinking process.

As part of this program, NWF will identify existing curricula and activities about recycling that could be adapted for use by participating schools, and to assist them in integrating environmental education into their recycling activities. NWF will also provide an online webinar for participating schools and community members on the benefits of recycling as well as program logistics and timing for the recycling events.

What is a Campus Ecology Fellow?
Campus Ecology Fellowships allow students to pursue their vision of an ecologically sustainable future through tangible projects to confront global warming on campus and in the community. Fellows gain practical experience in the conservation field and first-hand knowledge of the challenges and opportunities inherent in successful conservation efforts. Campus Ecology fellowships are available to both undergraduate and graduate students. Learn more about Campus Ecology Fellowships.

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