Missoula, MT
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Certified Since:7/25/2018

On the outskirts of the Northern Rockies, Missoula has no shortage of natural beauty or wildlife. Known as the Garden City, its residents thrive in the outdoors and enjoy the abundance of city parks and conservation lands, as well as supporting community green efforts. Missoula is home to some of the country’s best fly-fishing rivers and streams, and puts great value on maintaining high water quality. The City of Missoula partnered with the National Wildlife Federation and became the first Community Wildlife Habitat in Montana on July 25, 2018. With a wealth of partnerships ranging from individual community members to non-profit organizations and local agencies, our Community Habitat team is excited for the future of wildlife gardening in our city! For more information, please visit Missoula Community Wildlife Habitat’s Facebook page.

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Community Spotlight

Osprey Baseball Stadium

The Missoula Osprey's baseball stadium became a certified wildlife habitat in the summer of 2017 when a group of summer campers from the Montana Natural History Center certified it through their "Habitat Hunt" themed camp!

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University of Montana Ethnobotany Garden

Outside of the Payne Native American Center on the UM campus, there is an ethnobotany garden that uses native plants that are culturally significant to the different tribes across the state of Montana.

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Clark Fork School Receives Second Green Flag

The Clark School is an early childhood education and after-school education facility that uses a nature-based curriculum. In December of 2020, the Clark Fork School received their second Green Flag.

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