Poolesville, MD
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Population: 4883
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Certified Since:4/4/2019

Poolesville is located in the northwestern portion of Montgomery County, Maryland, approximately 5 miles from the Potomac River. It is surrounded by the Montgomery County Agricultural Reserve, an area of 93,000 acres created to preserve farm land and rural space. The town was settled in 1760 when brothers John and Joseph Poole, Sr. purchased 160 acres in the area that is now the town of Poolesville. The town was incorporated in 1867. The only operating car ferry on the Potomac River, the General Jubal A. Early, is located at Whites Ferry, a short distance from Poolesville, where it has been transporting vehicles and passengers across the river since the late 1860s. The Community Wildlife Habitat Certification project is part of the town’s continuing efforts at sustainability, and is managed by volunteers with the Sustainable Poolesville Green Team. The mission of the Poolesville Green Team is to create awareness of stewardship and sustainability issues, identify opportunities for the Town to cost effectively reduce its environmental impact, and facilitate initiatives to capture these opportunities. Poolesville became a certified sustainable community in 2014.

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Community Spotlight

Poolesville Town Hall

Town Hall Certified Wildlife Habitat

Buddhist Temple Peace Park

Kunzang Palyul Choling Temple Peace Park located on River Road.

Poolesville Town Hall Mason Bee House

Mason bee house located in the Town Hall wildlife habitat area. This is part of an Eagle Scout project and other houses have been placed throughout the community.

Invasive species work party

Invasive species removal work party at Poolesville Town Hall habitat, Saturday, May 26, 2018.

L.M. Stevens Park

Poolesville Day 2018

Earth Day 2018

Poolesville Day 2016

Community Wildlife Habitat Certificate

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