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Cheyenne is located in Laramie County in the Southeastern corner in Wyoming. Average precipitation in this part of the state is 15” to 16” per year. Our Community Habitat area is in an urban neighborhood located west/northwest of Cheyenne’s core downtown and is in the area known as The West Edge District. In this part of the city, the majority of storm water run-off is directed to underground pipes where the water and its contaminants are flushed directly into Crow Creek, which borders the western edge of the project area. This Community Habitat project is the first in the state of Wyoming. We hope it will illustrate how creative landscaping (i.e. utilizing native plantings, rain gardens etc.) can increase wildlife habitat, while decreasing storm-water run-off flowing into the Crow Creek, and decreasing the need for supplemental irrigation.

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Community Spotlight

Library Habitat Helper Open House

Committee members viewing the Willis Black Habitat board at the Library’s Habitat Helper Open House.

Certified property in 400 block of West 24th St.

This business property is located in a converted house surrounded by a cottage garden.

BOPU Habitat Hero Garden planting

Volunteers finishing up planting & mulching the Cheyenne Board of Public Utilities "Habitat Hero" demonstration garden.

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