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Austin, TX
City or Town
Population: 735000
Certified | Active
Certified Since:11/1/2008

In March 2007, the City of Austin passed a council resolution to obtain National Wildlife Federation (NWF) community level certification. On March 12, 2009 Austin realized that goal and was recognized as a certified community during the Community Wildlife Habitat Certification Ceremony. To date, the City of Austin has 2,154 certified wildlife habitats and the number is steadily increasing.

My Certified Wildlife Habitats

160 Habitats

My Annual Re-Certification Points

100% Complete
30 / 30

Community Spotlight

Wildlife Austin

Wildlife Austin promotes the creation and conservation of wildlife habitats through community-wide collaboration and public education, and helps bridge existing city initiatives that encourage a well balanced and healthy urban environment for people

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The Central Texas School Garden Network is a coalition of individuals and organizations with an interest in helping schools create, sustain, promote, and utilize onsite edible and habitat gardens by compiling useful resources and mobilizing collectiv

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Coalition of Austin Community Gardens facilitates the creation of more community gardens in the Greater Austin Metro Area. We strive to foster stability and land security for existing gardens, and to help them to become more vibrant, diverse places.

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