City of Falls Church

City of Falls Church, VA
City or Town
Population: 14583
Certified | Active
Certified Since:9/1/2015

Falls Church, VA Registered: September, 2005 Population: 14,583 (July 2017) Located 7 miles west of Washington, D.C. The City of Falls Church is an independent city that is only 2.2 square miles in size. Although it is densely populated and part of a large metropolitan area, the city is a tightly knit community with residents who take great pride in being active in local civic and social activities. The Falls Church Healthy Habitat project was initiated by the City of Falls Church Environmental Services Council.

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Community Spotlight

Habitat Restoration

Community volunteers and city staff have an ongoing program of invasive removal and habitat restoration in city parks and streetscapes

Community and Business Partnerships

Local churches, organizations and businesses support efforts for habitat restoration, habitat creation, and environmental stewardship. Here families from Columbia Baptist Church help plant natives in Cherry Hill Park in May.

What tree is that?

A small group of Boy Scouts from Troop 895, led by Eagle Scout candidate Ben Updike, mounted tree labels as part of the ongoing campaign by VPIS to raise awareness about the importance of a healthy urban tree canopy in the City of Falls Church.

Neighborhood Tree Program

The Neighborhood Tree Program is a partnership between the City of Falls Church, the Village Preservation and Improvement Society, and volunteers to help restore and maintain a healthy tree canopy.

Gardening Kits at the Mary Riley Styles Library

Don't have a backyard but want to garden on a balcony or patio? The Gardening Kit available for check out at the library can get you started with a trowel, gardening information, and inspiration!

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