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Aldea De Santa Fe

Santa Fe, NM
Neighborhood or HOA
Population: 400
Certified | Active
Certified Since:10/1/2016

Designed by world renowned Andres Duany, the grandfather of New Urbanism, Aldea is located in the desirable Northwest side of Santa Fe. New Urbanism is an intentional movement to create sustainable communities that are designed to encourage human interaction in an inviting public realm. While incorporating the time honored components that have made communities great throughout history, New Urbanism rejects suburban sprawl which results in extreme dependence on the automobile, roads that are unattractive and unpleasant for pedestrians, and long distances between places to shop, play, and live. Aldea is approximately 345 acres, 205 acres of which are perpetual open space preserves and pocket parks and in which each lot owner owns an undivided interest. Pedestrian-friendly sidewalks and internal trails throughout Aldea link to the open space, the central Aldea Plaza, and the Northwest Trail System. Aldea is only minutes away from an award winning public golf course and the Historic Santa Fe Plaza. The Permaculture committee at Aldea de Santa Fe realized that several homes already had certified gardens, and began to organize the Community Wildlife Habitat program. Aldea de Santa Fe was able to certify within four months of registration.

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