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Monroe Township (Williamstown)

Monroe Township (Williamstown), NJ
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Population: 36129
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Monroe Township in Gloucester County, NJ is a Bicentennial Community. It’s first residents predate 1776. The township of Monroe was formed in March of 1859 at which time Williamstown was designated as a place of elections and town meetings. Monroe Township is located in the northeast corner of Gloucester County, New Jersey. Early history refers to this as one of the “pine townships” because of the abundance of pine timber in the area. The area is drained on the east by Four Mile Branch and Squankum Branch of the Great Egg Harbor River, on the south by Whitehall and Hospitality Branches and Scotland Run. Williamstown is surrounded by Cecil, Cross Keys, Downer, New Brooklyn, Robanna and Victory Lakes. Present population is approximately 36,129.

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