Colinas Costeras

Pacifica, CA
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Population: 83000
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COLINAS COSTERAS are the coastal hills of the San Francisco Peninsula. This Community Wildlife Habitat encompasses Pacifica (94044) on the western ocean side; and San Bruno (94066) on the eastern bay side. MILAGRA (Miracle) RIDGE in Pacifica, CA was chosen as the symbol for environmental conservation in Pacifica & San Bruno, because "the miracle of the coastal hills is fog!"  (La Milagra de las Colinas Costeras es la niebla!) Fog = H₂O = Life!" The VISION of Colinas Costeras is to revere the coastal hills as sacred space so that they can nurture life!  Its MISSION is to advocate, educate, and empower community to respect nature, restore native habitat, and minimize our carbon footprint. 👣 Certify your property as a Wildlife Habitat today at 🌻 Because every property COUNTS! 🦎🦋🐞🐌

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NWF Community Wildlife Habitat Colinas Costeras

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Pacifica Proclamation

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2018 August 25 Kickoff

Pacifica, CA

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NWF Kiosk @ Skyline College, San Bruno

Student Center Bldg 6, Skyline College, San Bruno, CA.

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Community Day @ San Bruno City Park

NWF Community Wildlife Habitat Colinas Costeras, Community Day @ San Bruno City Park, 2019 June 2.

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Bumblebee on CA Poppy

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COLINAS COSTERAS - Community Wildlife Habitat

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