Harbor Island

St Helena Island, SC
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Population: 150
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Welcome to Harbor Island! Harbor Island Wildlife Gardens, our certified community wildlife habitat, is a barrier island community encompassing various ecosystems. Situated on 2.5 square miles in South Carolina's Lowcountry you will find a maritime strand which supports 6 wading bird rookeries (nesting areas) for ibis, five heron species, and two species of egret. Listen for songbirds on a stroll in the maritime forest hoping to spot a painted bunting. Nesting osprey pairs provide our first signs of spring. Location at the southern end of the ACE Basin estuarine system provides us with a rich supply of seafood; shrimp, crabs, fish and oysters. Our Atlantic Ocean beach/dune system provides nesting for Wilson's plovers (threatened) and American oystercatchers. Migration roosting and feeding habitat for red knots (endangered) and piping plovers (endangered) is also afforded by our beach. Not to be outdone by our birds, horseshoe crabs lay their eggs here by the thousands! These eggs are a vital food source for the red knots. Endangered nesting loggerhead sea turtles are safeguarded through our volunteer community turtle program in conjunction with SCDNR. Watch for other reptiles and amphibians commonly sighted; diamondback terrapins, American alligators, various snakes, frogs, toads and anoles. Many native trees, shrubs and plants provide food, shelter and places to raise young. They also provide a vital support system for our dunes. Our residents are joined by 5 other mammal species, raccoon, otter, mink,deer and dolphin. We are most proud to be an Audubon Important Bird and Biodiversity Area and a National Wildlife Federation Community Wildlife Habitat. Come for a visit, stay for a lifetime.

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Community Spotlight

Garden Sign

We now have a custom made garden flag for our Native Plant Demonstration Garden.

Official Certification presentation

Sara Green presenting John Albert with our official certification certificate

Spotted Bee Balm

The Spotted Bee balm in the Native Plant demo garden is alive with pollinators

Blazing Star

A great pollinator plant, the Blazing Star, is the star of the Native Plant Demo garden this month

Bee on Frost Aster

The Native Plant demo garden is alive with pollinators like this Carpenter bee on the Frost Aster

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