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Billings, MT
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Population: 110323
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Nestled between the meandering Yellowstone River the rugged sandstone rimrocks, Billings has a combination of unique climatic, cultural, and ecological characteristics. It is the largest city in Montana, but maintains a friendly small-town feel. Known as Montana’s Trailhead, Billings is the regional hub for commerce, shopping, dining, and attractions. For those wishing to escape the bustle of daily life, the breathtaking landscape provides a quiet solitude and numerous recreational opportunities. The rolling plains, breaks, and rough stony buttes covered in open ponderosa pine forests or savanna are critical habitats for native plant and animal species. As a continued commitment to education, protection, and restoration of the land, Billings registered as a Community Wildlife Habitat in October, 2018.

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Community Spotlight

DanWalt Gardens certification

DanWalt Gardens hosts a large selection of perennials zoned for Billings, with splendid colors of Irises in June to multi-colored hibiscus in the late summer. They were the first common area to certify under the Community Wildlife Habitat Project.

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Montana Audubon Center

Montana Audubon provides place-based conservation education programs. They became a Certified Wildlife Habitat at their 3rd Annual Spring Native Plant Symposium.

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