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Buffalo, NY

Buffalo, NY
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Population: 256902
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BRRAlliance, Inc. is a community base not for profit focused on the northwest part of Buffalo. As we started to plan to certify our small section of Buffalo as a NWF Habitat Community, we realized other partners throughout the city were interested in participating so we decide to get the whole city certified. Buffalo is the second largest city in the state of New York and the county seat of Erie County. It is a major gateway for commerce and travel across Canada and has a history dating back before the 17th Century. Situated on the shores of Lake Erie and along the mighty Niagara River, the natural resources of the city have been a significant factor in it's development as an industrial city, but these have also provided the city with an abundance of wildlife native to the area. On a major bird and butterfly migratory path, Buffalo is a prime candidate to certify as a NWF Habitat Community. With four channels as part of the city's makeup, Buffalo has long been concerned about protecting it's natural resources and the flora and fauna that come with it.

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