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Cherry Hill, NJ
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Cherry Hill has long been a leader in municipal sustainability in New Jersey. A Sustainable Jersey Silver Certified Community since 2010, Cherry Hill was among the first towns in the state to adopt its own municipal sustainability plan. Our trail system includes 11 trails throughout the township including woodland, meadow and marshlands. In April of 2020, the Cherry Hill Environmental Board launched our initiative to become a National Wildlife Federation Certified Wildlife Habitat Community. We would like to urge our residents to consider helping us to reach this goal by registering their own backyard or balcony as a National Wildlife Federation Certified Habitat.

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Community Spotlight

Old Orchard Community Trail

The Old Orchard trail is one of 11 trails within the Cherry Hill trail system, which is celebrating its 10 year anniversary in 2020.

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Cherry Hill Pollinator Gardens

Cherry Hill volunteers maintain 2 pollinator gardens, and are soon to add 2 more. These gardens serve to educate our community about the importance of pollinator species, and they also provide vital nutrients for our native pollinators.

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Bunker Hill Trail

Woodland, marsh and meadow views along the Bunker Hill trail. Deer, warblers, and woodpeckers are just some of the wildlife that inhabits this green space.

Volunteer Days

Throughout the year, volunteers from the community gather for a variety of projects which enhance our green space and trails. We also have tables at township events where we educate our residents about our open spaces, and promote our trail system.

Cherry Hill Trail Crew

Our Trail Crew holds monthly events to maintain and enhance our 11 trails. in 2020, Cherry Hill celebrates the 10 year anniversary of the Cherry Hill trail system.

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