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Sweetwater in the Foothills

Tucson, AZ

Neighborhood or HOA

Population: 950


Sweetwater in the Foothills resides on the rolling bajada of the Tucson Mountains, one of the most biologically diverse desert mountain ranges of its size in the world. Our community was designed to be harmonious with its unique natural upper Sonoran desert setting. Our riparian areas and arroyos (washes) provide drainage from the Tucson Mountains to the Santa Cruz River about two miles to the east. While these washes run infrequently, they provide critical habitat for desert flora and fauna and serve as corridors for native wildlife. The washes in the community are all considered “common areas” and have been retained in their natural state. They are well used by the resident birds, reptiles, rabbits, javelina, bobcats, coyote and other indigenous wildlife. Our landscape emphasizes compatibility with the existing upper Sonoran desert, sensitivity to its fragile ecosystems, and a commitment to low water usage vegetation. Existing natural features, such as stands of saguaros, unique vegetative groups, rock outcroppings, and washes have been preserved. The majority of introduced plant materials are indigenous, arid, or semi-arid plants ensuring minimal water usage and compatibility with the built and natural environments. We encourage residents to supply that most critical element in a desert setting, water, in their yards through simple bird baths or more elaborate water stations and water features. While some choose to use supplemental bird seed or hummingbird feeders, residents are also encouraged to plant additional desert vegetation that can provide nectar, fruits, and seeds for our unique and abundant Sonoran wildlife. Rock piles are suggested to provide homes for lizards and dense shrubs offer protection for the thousands of clutches of eggs laid by Gambel’s quail each year. By working with the natural environment that is so much a part of Sweetwater in the Foothills, residents of all kinds (humans and other species) can reap the rewards of the unique and stunningly beautiful environment of the Sonoran desert.

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Community Spotlight


We Live Among Saguaros and other Cacti

Our landscape is unlike most others around the country. We (and our wildlife neighbors) live among a variety of native desert vegetation - perhaps the most recognizable being the iconic saguaro cactus.


Living with our Neighbors

The diversity of wildlife here in the southern Arizona desert is unlike that in most other areas of the country. While coyotes are becoming more widely distributed around the country they have been here in the desert a long time.


Surrounded by Mountains

Tucson is surrounded by 5 beautiful mountain ranges bringing additional diversity to plant and animal life. On the hottest of days we can retreat up the mountain to cool off and enjoy an escape from the desert floor.