Materials for the Cool Schools Challenge

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Below are all of the materials you need to implement the Cool School Challenge at your school:


  • Implementation Guide - Provides a comprehensive overview of the program, and outlines a step-by-step process.

  • Audit Tool Kit - Includes classroom audit forms for grades 7-12, and guidance on how carbon emission calculations can be done by hand or entered into the classroom carbon calculator.


  • Elementary School Audit Forms - These audit forms are designed for students in grades 3-6 and are an alternative to the grades 7-12 audit forms.  However, please utilize the grade band audit forms you feel will work best for your students.


  • Classroom Carbon Calculator -  This excel worksheet allows you to enter data from your classroom audit, calculate carbon emissions both before and after taking action, and provide visual tools in the form of charts and graphs that can be utilized during classroom instruction and to showcase classroom and/or school success.


  • School Tally Sheet - Calculate your schools overall carbon emissions using this tally sheet.


  • Classroom Invitation Letter - Invite classrooms to participate in the Challenge.


  • Classroom Action Plan Template - Determine an action plan for each classroom participating in the Challenge.


  • Classroom Pledge Template - Let each classroom know their pledge by providing this pledge letter after conducting the audit and developing an action plan for the classroom.


  • Classroom Results Template - Let each classroom know how well they did by providing this result letter after tallying final results.

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What Is Eco-Schools USA?
Eco-Schools USA is a holistic, green school program that
  • greens the school building
  • greens the school grounds
  • greens the curriculum and student experience

NWF is working to recruit thousands of K-12 public, private and charter schools across the United States to become a part of the Eco-Schools USA program.  Learn more about Eco-Schools USA.