Planning For Natural Disasters

As we look ahead to future storms and natural disasters, we need to start planning now  to minimize their impacts.

NOAA Education Lesson Plan Library: Do You Want to Risk It?

Students in grades 9-12 discuss how residents in coastal areas can plan for the potential effects of natural hazards.

National Weather Service Hurricane Center

  • This web page allows you to track the development of tropical cyclones.
  • This web page has information on hurricane preparedness.

NOAA Hurricane Hunters FAQs

A list of frequently asked questions about hurricanes.

What is a Wetland?

Wetlands are places where there is shallow water or very soggy soil at least part of the year. Plants that grow there love having "wet feet." There are many different kinds of wetlands, and they’re some of the most important places on Earth.

Why are wetlands so important?

  • Ducks near Gulf oil spillWetlands provide a natural barrier against the impacts of hurricanes. Scientists estimated that every three miles of healthy wetlands could trim about one foot off a storm surge.

  • Without wetlands, thousands of species of animals and plants would become extinct.
  • Without wetlands, floods and pollution would be much worse.

Wet Bits - Check out these fascinating facts about wetlands.  

Wetlands Information and Activities:

What Makes a Wetland a Wetland?

Wetlands and Hurricanes

Wetland Surveys and Slogans

Wetlands Information and Activities

Saltwater Wetlands Information and Activities


Projects Kids Can do to Help Those in Need

Generation On has some great ideas for things that kids and families can do in their community to help others in need.  Check out their website: