Climate Change Connections Curriculum

Eco-Schools USA and Climate Literacy

The National Wildlife Federation and its Eco-Schools USA program believe educators play a key role in developing a climate-literate citizenry. With climate change being one of the most significant environmental issues of our time, young adults need to fully understand the essential principles of Earth's systems and the impact of climate change on them. Students also need to be exposed to "real" science that is experiential and engaging, providing them with the ability to communicate about climate change and make informed decisions about their actions.

The National Wildlife Federation and NASA Collaborate

Eco-Schools USA Climate Change Connections, CCC is a 9th-12th grade curriculum, designed to build upon and utilize the many NASA mission resources, programs, and associated interfaces to enhance authentic learning experiences for both educators and students. It seeks to develop an integrated systems-thinking approach to understanding and acting upon the issue of climate change. In collaboration with mission specialists from ICESat, LandSat, Terra, AQUA, AURA, a cross programmatic curriculum was developed to provide a unified or systems-thinking approach to addressing real-world Earth systems problems. At the same time, it is our desire that educators utilize this curriculum to attract and retain students in STEM disciplines and inspire the next generation of Earth Scientists.

Wildlife University

Wildlife University is the portal the National Wildlife Federation uses to help educate its national volunteer base as well as its numerous classroom teachers. We all come to the table with different levels of understanding in regards to the Eco-Schools USA program and climate change. The two courses provided will allow each teacher to start at the same level of understanding. These courses serve as the foundation for the curriculum and we strongly encourage you to participate in this free training opportunity. The two courses will take about an hour and a half of your time.

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