Eco-Schools USA Climate Change Connections

Best for students in grades 9-12


NAAEE Guidelines for K12 Global Climate Change Education

Developed in partnership between NAAEE and NWF these guidelines serve as a tool for teachers to better understand how to teach about climate change at the appropriate cognitive and emotional level of their students.


STEM: Good Jobs Now and in the Future


Curriculum Overview/Resumen Curricular en Español

Along with an overview of the curriculum, you will find links to the National Science Education Standards, National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, and the National Educational Technology Standards.  The lesson summaries as well as recommendations for teaching can be located in the curriculum overview along with information regarding the use of science notebooks and strategies for cross-curricular teaching.


Best Practice

>>Action Words

>>Bloom's Digital Taxonomy

>>How to Create A Scientific Drawing

>>Como Crear un Dibujo Cientifico

>>Inquiry PrimerFlag Exchange at Oxygen Awards

>>Promoting Vocabulary Development



>>Assessing Foldables® and Graphic Organizers

>>Rúbrica para Evaluar Plegables u Organizadores Gráficos

>>Evidence of Learning - Science Notebooks

>>Rúbrica para de Ciencia Notebooking

>>Student Reading Assessment

>>Rúbrica para Evaluaciones de Lectura del Estudiante

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Young Voices for the Planet


From award winning author and illustrator, Lynne Cherry, whose books include A River Ran Wild and The Great Kapok Tree, comes a film series featuring young people who are making a difference.  Speaking Out. Creating Solutions. Leading the Change.

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Show your students how climate change is impacting our planet.

Take EPA's climate expedition, calculate your emissions, and be a part of the solution!  Check out their website: