CCC - Module III

Module III - How Climate Change Affects Natural and Human Systems

Please make sure you are a registered Eco-School, participated in the free training through Wildlife University, and have read through the information on the Getting Started page.

Module III - How Climate Change Affects Natural and Human Systems, is an opportunity for students to get up close and personal with events and circumstances that are occurring now and affecting millions not only globally but across our nation.

Lesson 10: The Relationship between Arctic Sea Ice and Polar Bear Habitat

Lesson 11: Sea Surface Temperature and Coral Bleaching


Lesson 12: Trends in Spring Arrival Using Project Budburst

Lesson 13: How Do Scientist Measure Trees?

Lesson 14: The Relationship between Dendrochronolgy and Biospheric Data

Lesson 15:  The Science Behind Heat Waves and their Effect on Human Health

Lesson 16:  Exploring Precipitation Patterns

Lesson 17: Investigating Sea Level Rise and Coastal Habitats

Lesson 18: Conceptualizing Module III

I'm ready to move on to Module IV - Renewable Energy and a Call to Action.

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Show your students how climate change is impacting our planet.

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