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Schools play a major role in the education of tomorrow's consumers and decision makers. Involving students in energy conservation at school prepares them to take an active role in making good choices for both society and the environment.



Organization Resource, Activity, or Lesson Plan * Grade Level
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Energy Star Kids - Emphasizes the importance of energy conservation through games and an interactive website Elementary and Middle
U.S. Department of Energy K-12 Lesson Plans and Activities - Teaches students the importance of green energy through activities and lessons gathered from a variety of sources Elementary, Middle, and Secondary
Alliance to Save Energy Educator Lesson Plans - Helps students understand the concept of energy efficiency through activities specifically recommended by the Alliance Elementary, Middle, and Secondary
Watt Watchers Knowledge is Power - Educates students about energy conservation and energy efficiency through a program developed for Texas public schools Elementary, Middle, and Secondary
National Energy Education Development Project (NEED) Curriculum Guides - Strives to make energy education a priority in schools through the development of a comprehensive energy curriculum Elementary, Middle, Secondary
Alliance to Save Energy Energy Hog - Teaches kids how to conserve energy and identify sources of energy waste in their home through an interactive website and teaching resources Elementary and Middle
Energy Information Administration Energy Kids - Provides information and activities about energy in a format that is kid friendly Elementary, Middle, Secondary
Facing the Future Fueling the Future - Compares energy use across the globe and helps students develop sustainable energy solutions Middle and Secondary
Eco-Schools USA Measuring Electricity Class Activity - Students learn how to measure electricity using a Kill-a-watt meter. Use this lesson when conducting your school energy audit. Elementary, Middle,  Secondary
Kid Wind
Curriculum and Lessons - Provides a variety of activities to explore questions related to wind power while teaching core subjects.

Middle and Secondary


* Elementary (K-5)
Middle School (6-8)
Secondary (9-12)

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