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Sample Schoolyard Habitats® Action Plan

Learning Objectives

  • To interpret data from the school grounds audit
  • To evaluate needs arising from the audit data
  • To provide realistic solutions to these needs
  • To cooperate effectively as a group

Curriculum Links

  • English, Science, Math, Geography, Citizenship

Eco-Schools USA Pathways

  • Schoolyard Habitats®, Water, Energy, Green Hour

Greening Your Grounds by Creating a Schoolyard Habitat

The Eco-Schools USA Schoolyard Habitats pathway provides an opportunity to fully engage students, administration and community members. The National Wildlife Federation provides an action plan and guide for creating a sustainable schoolyard habitat.

The Schoolyard Habitat online planning guide is divided into seven sections from conception of project to use and maintenance.

Part 1: What is a Schoolyard Habitat?
What is a Schoolyard Habitat and how does it benefit students, teachers, our school and our community? Find answers to these topics, a list of frequently asked questions, and how the National Wildlife Federation's Schoolyard Habitats program can help you along the way as you build an outdoor classroom and a new home for wildlife.

Part 2: Understand the science of Schoolyard Habitat
Learn what wildlife species need from their habitat, how to fulfill those needs through your Schoolyard Habitat, and how to attract certain wildlife to your site.

Part 3: Teaching Tool
Find techniques and activities for teaching grades K-12 in an outdoor classroom on a variety of subjects, and ways to analyze and manage your curriculum.

Part 4: Planning for Schoolyard Habitat
A guide through key steps to begin your Schoolyard Habitat, including gathering a team, choosing a site and planning your garden, and activities to keep students involved from beginning to end.

Part 5: Installing the Schoolyard Habitat
Checklists and steps to finalize your plan, help gathering resources like volunteers and funds, important factors to optimize your habitat's design and accessibility, and suggested steps and activities as you break new ground and coordinate the planting.

Part 6: Sustaining your Schoolyard Habitat
Make sure your habitat site continues to thrive for years to come with key steps including a maintenance plan for the site, process for regular site upkeep, and activities to keep students and their parents involved.

Part 7: Appendix and Resources
Find additional information on the National Wildlife Federation's mission and education programs, workshop overviews, contact information for school-based programs, tips for teaching outdoors, a glossary of terms and more.

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