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Top 10 Tips for Oceans

1.    Research the world’s oceans or the ocean your watershed empties into and identify the role humans are playing, both positive and negative.

2.    Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! Litter can easily escape or never make it to collection facilities, where it becomes a danger to coastal and marine habitats and wildlife.

3.    Consider a field trip to the coast or to your nearest aquarium.

4.    Learn about ocean-friendly seafood choices using the Seafood Watch website and app.

5.    Explore careers that have a direct or indirect impact on our coasts and oceans. 

6.    Pledge to reduce or eliminate your classroom or school’s use of plastics.

7.    Organize or participate in a beach cleanup.

8.    Investigate who protects our nation’s oceans. (regulatory body, community groups, non-profit organizations)

9.    Research the bird species who rely on healthy coasts, tide pools, and oceans. 

10.  The United States has several National Marine Sanctuaries. Learn about this system of underwater parks or focus on the one closest to your school and determine ways you can get involved

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