Consumption and Waste Pathway




Information and resources for the Consumption and Waste Pathway can now be found in the Eco-Schools USA Handbook, or by clicking on the links below.

Consumption and Waste Tools and Resources

Pathway Description |Top 10 Tips | Fast Facts | Standards Alignment | Sample Action Plan | Consumption and Waste Audit | Lesson Links


Consumption & Waste 

Consumption and Waste Pathway


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Video "Live from the Dumpster"

Watch this short video highlighting the recycling efforts of the Hoover Eco Action Team. 



A fun, high visibility 5-day campaign driving awareness and education on our own personal trash impact. Carry the Trash on Your Back wherever you go and feel just how much trash you really produce. Enable us to make a zero waste nation and globe.

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Check-out AFT's Building Minds, Minding Building publications focused on energy conservationgreen cleaning and school recycling.