Program Requirements

The information below is for teachers and volunteers participating in the program. You'll find information to help you get up-to-speed on program requirements and a guidebook that can help you easily implement this program at your school.

Program Requirements

Teacher Expectations - Learn what is required of you as you work towards implementing this program at your school.

Volunteer InstructionsHandbook - Learn about your role as a volunteer and how you can support your school.

Wildlife University - Download instructions for accessing two online training courses through Wildlife University, National Wildlife Federation's online education portal. The first course provides an overview of the Eco-Schools USA program, while the second course provides an introduction to climate change.

Entergy Guidebook

This guidebook walks through the steps you need to take to utilize the Energy & Climate Change Curriculum, and green your school through the Eco-Schools USA program.

Download a pdf of the entire guidebook here >>

Are you ready to download the Energy & Climate Change Curriculum? Access it here >>

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NWF Senior Manager, Education Outreach
South Central Regional Center


Jennifer Hammonds – 
NWF, Manager K-12 Education Programs