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Eco-Schools USA is proud to announce our partnership with Recycle Across America. Through the generosity and environmental vision of Kiehl’s Since 1851, Recycle Across America™ was able to provide 150,000 free standardized labels for recycling bins to approximately 1,000 schools throughout the U.S.  The National Wildlife Federation’s Eco-Schools USA was selected to distribute the labels because of their established relationships in education and ongoing commitment to help advance the environmental progress of U.S. schools.

Why standardized labels?

Today there are a variety of of different types of labels used on recycling bins, causing confusion for people looking to recycle.  This confusion has led to low recycling levels in the U.S. levels that have barely improved in 15 years.  In studies where a consistent labeling system has been introduced, capture rates increased more than 47% and the amount of contamination or trash entering the recycling bin decreased significantly.  

When this goal is reached, it will be the environmental equivalent of removing 50 million cars off the roads in the U.S. each year and it will generate 1.5 million new jobs in the U.S. Less confusion at the bin = measurable environmental and economic progress.

Is there a financial benefit for schools that increase their recycling?

In many communities there are significant financial benefits to increasing the amount of recyclables captured while decreasing the amount of trash.  Trash hauling services and dumpsters used for trash hauling are usually taxed -- in some communities the tax is as high as 75%. Downsizing your landfill hauling services, frequency of pickups and landfill dumpster size can save significant amounts of money for schools.  Grow recycling levels, conduct annual or biannual waste audits, AND ask your hauler to adjust your charges accordingly, to receive the financial benefits of recycling.


>> If you have any questions regarding standardized labels for your school please contact


>> Click here to download the Solutions for Success Toolkit, which will help you use the labels at your school


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