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Information for Participating Schools

How does the Litter Less Campaign work?

Basically, you launch a "Litter Less Campaign" at your school by addressing Eco-Schools USA’s consumption and waste pathway and implementing through the seven step framework of the Eco-Schools program during the school year. For each of the seven steps you will need to take photos or video or in some other way record your progress and then log-in to the Wrigley's website and upload the information. The very cool thing is that schools all over the globe are participating in this project and uploading their information to the Wrigley's website, so you will be able to communicate, share information, successes and challenges with Eco-Schools in other countries.

Uganda: Robert Isingoma

What countries are participating in the campaign?

China, Russia, UK, Croatia, Czech Republic, Greece, United States, Lithuania, Uganda, Germany, France, Canada, Romania, Montenegro

How do I register my school and get started?

  1. 1. If you have not already done so register as an Eco-School on our website.
  2. 2. Then register on-line through the Eco-Schools Litter Less campaign website. When you submit the registration form a message should pop-up on the screen letting you know that your attempt to register was successful. If you do not receive this message scroll to the top to see if you made any mistakes with the registration process - they will be identified in red.
  3. 3. Once you have registered on the Eco-Schools Litter Less campaign website and have agreed to participate on line we will send you a password that will allow you to login to the web portal.
  4. 4. Share your work with another “local school” and try and involve them in the campaign.
  5. 5. Document your process through pictures, stories, video’s etc. and upload onto site.

How can I officially launch the campaign at my school?

You can tie the campaign to another event being held at your school. Or consider setting-up a booth in the cafeteria at lunch with flyers and information about the campaign.

At Round Elementary School in Manassas, VA, the campaign was officially launched at the school's open house. For their campaign the school has decided to rid their campus of plastic lunch bags. Every student at the school will receive a reusable storage container for their lunch.

What resources are available to help me implement the Litter Less Campaign?

Check-out our Top 10 Tips to Minimizing Waste and our Consumption and Waste Pathway curriculum connections.

Interested with replacing throw away items with reusables at your school? Check-out

Interested in removing plastics from your school's campus? Check out Plasti-Gone

Keep America Beautiful also has wonderful resources and curriculum for your classroom.

Case Study: Uganda

Here's how the Wrigley's Litter Less Campaign was launched in a town in Uganda:

  • First they held an hour-long litter clean up exercise in town after which all participants in the clean up exercise marched in a procession through town to the host primary school
  • At school there were displays of litter related school activities, sharing of school plans, speeches, an awarding of certificates, lunch and entertainment provided by students.
  • After lunch, the action team visited two other nearby schools also participating in the Litter Less campaign.

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