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Extreme Weather

Hurricanes, tornadoes, droughts, floods, and wildfires. The devastation left behind by natural disasters impacts not only communities, but wildlife and critical habitat. The destruction and chaos are stark reminders of how climate change is impacting weather patterns and increasing their severity.

Eco-Schools USA activities and lesson plans can help students understand why these natural disasters happen and how they are having an impact on our world.

Students investigate maps and data to learn about the connections between hurricanes and climate, including regional climate conditions where hurricanes form and how global climate change may be affecting hurricanes.

Students investigate how thermal expansion of water (warming waters) might affect sea level rise. This lesson will allow students to differentiate between thermal expansion and melting snow and ice fields as they relate to sea level rise and to predict the impact of rising sea level on coastal areas.

Students review topographic maps and use that knowledge to explore the impact sea level rise will have on coastal communities.

Students investigate how shape and structure of bird beaks affects the type of food that birds are able to eat, and view how global climate change is affecting many species of animals.

Students investigate the topics of evolutionary adaptation and phenotypic plasticity to understand how species respond to the impacts of global climate change.