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Project Ideas

Project-based learning provides students with hands-on opportunities to learn new skills and engage in solutions to real-world challenges.

According to PBLWorks, project-based learning prepares students for academic, personal, and career success, and readies young people to rise to the challenges of their lives and the world they will inherit. The intentional connection to place solidifies a rigorous and authentic learning experience for students. The Seven Step Framework, with one of the accompanying featured projects, is the ideal foundation in which to build project-based learning experiences. Start transforming your classroom today.

a frog in a pond

Photography is a powerful tool for storytelling. Students can join the Garden for Wildlife™ Photo Contest and demonstrate through photography how their habitat garden is working for wildlife.

Clean Earth Challenge Litter Cleanup

Is your school ready to help reduce pollution and improve wildlife & community conditions? Register your school, then download the K-12 Education Toolkit and related activities.

Running Out of Time Logo

Join the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) & The World Relay, Ltd. to support global climate action! Track the relay as runners bring an urgent message to COP27 & engage students with lessons & videos.

Trick or Trash Box

Students will learn about recycling & contribute to the circular economy, all while diverting candy wrappers from the landfill. Free lessons are available for K-12.

teacher teaching students in garden

Ready, set ... reduce! Classrooms will go head-to-head in a race to cut their carbon emissions, utilizing a carbon calculator to evaluate progress.

kid planting seeds

Using project and place-based learning strategies, students will learn about the life cycle and habitat needs of the monarch, developing action plans and implementing solutions for this keystone species.

students in a Greenpoint school

The Greenpoint Eco-Schools team successfully implemented sustainability measures across an entire community. Read stories of projects in action and discover tips for student-led projects.