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Project Ideas

Project-based learning provides students with hands-on opportunities to learn new skills and engage in solutions to real-world challenges.

Analyzing data, synthesizing disparate pieces of information, and naturally using questions to dive deeper toward greater understanding. Building relationships and collaborating across differences, actively listening, and effectively communicating. Individually and taught in isolation, each of those skills can support learning and growth, but when intentionally constructed learning experiences bring all the skills to the proverbial table, it develops into a symphony of engaged, meaningful learning, unlike any traditional instructional methods. Just as a cacophony of pollinators brings life to an ecosystem, project-based learning brings the classroom to life, full of students mapping their way to real solutions. 

When implemented using research-proven methodologies, project-based learning improves student learning and performance. The Eco-Schools USA program is student-led. As such, youth bring their unique perspectives and lived experiences to very real-world problems, like climate change, and creatively and innovatively find local, community-based pathways forward through informed actions. Use the flexibility of this global program to develop rigorous project-based learning journeys for your students. Below are some opportunities to support your practice and goals. 

school garden

Use the Schoolyard Habitats® Planning Guide to transform your schoolyard into a vibrant, living resource for learning, health, and community resilience. Find a step-by-step process along with Green STEAM learning opportunities.

teacher teaching students in garden

Ready, set ... reduce! Classrooms will go head-to-head in a race to cut their carbon emissions, utilizing a carbon calculator to evaluate progress.

kid planting seeds

Using project and place-based learning strategies, students will learn about the life cycle and habitat needs of the monarch, developing action plans and implementing solutions for this keystone species.

students in a Greenpoint school

The Greenpoint Eco-Schools team successfully implemented sustainability measures across an entire community. Read stories of projects in action and discover tips for student-led projects.