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The Water Family - Make decisions to help a family cut down on their water use at home and in the garden.

Green Games - Let the Green family introduce you to interactive games that teach you about conservation, reuse and how you can save energy. (PBS Kids)*

EekoWorld - Create a unique land-, air- or water-dwelling creature, help the creature overcome environmental issues, and explore a real home that shows you how decisions affect the environment.*

Simple Machine Games - Help Twitch the Robot use found objects to create simple machines that help him solve challenges. (Chicago Museum of Science and Industry)

Clever Crazes for Kids - Engage in expeditions to learn how science, technology, engineering and math are a part of every day life and contribute to a healthy environment, healthy people and healthy relationships. (Building Healthy Lives Foundation)*

Explore the Blue - Play Thrill of the Catch or one of the other games that teach you about fishing and connect you to water. (Discovery Education)*

Arkive - Learn about a variety of science and biology topics through these activities, including food chains, habitats and adaptation.*

The Big Green Help - Learn how to protect the earth by playing these games, including the Global Challenge which teams you up with a cartoon character to battle CO2 monsters in 3D. (Nickelodeon)

The Lorax Project - Play games and learn how you can take steps to conserve the places and species that are critical to the future of our planet. (Dr. Seuss's Seussville)

Ranger Rick Environmental Quizzes - How much do you know about the environment and conservation?

Ranger Rick Animal Quizzes - Take these trivia quizzes to find out how much you know about a bunch of different types of animals.

National Geographic Kids - Play these fun puzzles and quizzes.

Eat Your Plants - Help a dinosaur eat plants so he can survive (Green Ribbon Schools)

* These games include teacher and/or parent resources

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