Low Flows, Hot Trout: Climate Change in the Clark Fork Watershed

  • Christine Brick, Brianna Randall, Deborah Oberbillig
  • Jul 01, 2008

Decades of data and observations point to a clear conclusion: the Clark Fork River basin is now experiencing a very real shift in climate. During the next 100 years, this shift is expected to accelerate, contributing to physical, ecological, social, and economic changes, many of which have already begun.

This report delivers a plain-language synthesis of the key findings from years of data-gathering in the watershed, blended with anecdotal observations by a broad spectrum of river basin citizens, from realtor to rancher, fishing guide to firefighter.

The report concludes that things can be done and everyone can make a difference, from simple at-home fixes that improve energy and water use to large-scale policy changes that stimulate renewable energy production and river-sensitive growth management. The report gives a snapshot of local residents can do to protect their hometown creeks, local economies, and celebrated way of life in the changing climate of the Clark Fork watershed.

Low Flows, Hot Trout

The impacts of climate change in the Clark Fork watershed.


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