Schoolyard Habitats® Sign

Schoolyard Habitat Sign

Celebrate your commitment to wildlife and learning by certifying and purchasing a Schoolyard Habitats® sign!

Exclusively for Certified Schoolyard Habitats® sites

The Schoolyard Habitats® sign is designed to highlight the significant contributions of schools and organizations to the great accomplishment of creating a Schoolyard Habitat - a place of learning and nature exploration for students and a haven for wildlife. The sign provides a way for you to visually demonstrate the importance of your work to students, parents and the community at large.

The new Schoolyard Habitats® sign measures 9” x 12”. It is made of weatherproof recycled cast aluminum. There is one hole and the top and one hole at the bottom for mounting. The sign is designed with space to add logos or names of supporters and donors to your habitat garden. (Mounting hardware is not included.)

Download the Spanish version of the Schoolyard Habitats® sign. (PDF format)

Certify as a school today and order your Schoolyard Habitats® Sign! 



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