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Beginner's Guide

First time hitting the outdoors? Don't stress. We've gathered some basic tips to get you started. 

tents near water

1. Find Your Campsite

Use these resources to find your perfect campsite including tips, recreation activities, and site amenities:

We've also compiled a list of some of our favorite camping spots across the United States. But don't forget, your backyard can be the best campout spot of them all!

2. Plan Your Activities

Hiking? Kayaking? Spending a lazy day by the creek? Deciding on your activities in advance will help you decide what you need to bring. For some ideas, look over our favorite camping activities and try them at your campout.

3. Know What To Bring

Once you've picked your place, it's time to figure out what you'll need to take with you. Be sure to research what amenities are offered on-site before you pack to ensure you only bring what you need. Download our camping checklist for a list of essential items.

raccoon inside a hollow log

4. Camp Like An Animal!

Take a moment to get in tune with nature before you head for the outdoors. Take the quiz to figure out which animal most matches your camping style!