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Line 5 Lunch & Learn


Join the National Wildlife Federation’s Beth Wallace in a four-part series through the 10-year campaign that uncovered the threat of the aging Line 5 to our Great Lakes, driving transparency and accountability resulting in Governor Whitmer’s historic termination of the easement ordering Enbridge to shut down Line 5 on May 12, 2021.

With expert guests, Beth Wallace, the National Wildlife Federation's Great Lakes Freshwater Campaigns Manager and Pipeline Safety Specialist, addresses key topics and debunks the myths perpetuated by Enbridge about Line 5 safety, job creation and the product in Line 5.

Line 5 Lunch & Learn: Part One

The Worst Location for an Oil Pipeline – a Review of the Risks

Recorded March 24, 2021

Line 5 Lunch & Learn: Part Two

The Truth Around Line 5's Integrity - The Fight for Transparency

Recorded March 31, 2021

Line 5 Lunch & Learn: Part Three

Alternatives to Line 5 – Prioritizing the Protection of the Great Lakes Over the Interest of an Oil Company

Recorded April 7, 2021

Line 5 Lunch & Learn: Part Four

Tribal Nation Treaty Rights and Line 5

Recorded April 14, 2021

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