Introducing Seeds of Culture Change! Check out the trailer to learn what we will be diving into throughout this podcast.


Rebeca Villegas – Sr. Manager, Environmental Justice
Andrea Auguiste – Director of Philanthropy & Social Innovation
Collin O’Mara – President and CEO


Kaila Drayton 
Nicole, do you think that Queen Beyoncé is gonna listen to this podcast?

Nicole Litwiller 
Oh my goodness. That would be the dream, right? Like, that's that's the dream, Kaila.

Kaila Drayton 
Well, obviously because then we could have her on season two.

Nicole Litwiller 
Yes. Oh my goodness, Beyoncé, please!

Kaila Drayton 
Beyoncé, please call us.

Nicole Litwiller 
Our email's in the show notes, Beyoncé.

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Kaila Drayton 
NWF has a new podcast! On Seeds of Culture Change we'll be discussing the National Wildlife Federation's journey towards equity and justice.

Nicole Litwiller
Over the course of this podcast, we're going to have genuine and candid conversations with staff about what this journey has looked like. The good, the bad, the ugly, everything in between. The intent is not to paint a rosy picture of NWF's achievements, but to acknowledge the imperfections of this journey and everything that comes along with it.

Kaila Drayton
Here's a taste of what we'll be diving into this season.

Nicole Litwiller 
We're going to be providing some historical context about the conservation movement, and the founding culture of the National Wildlife Federation.

Rebeca Villegas 
You have these folks that were very privileged white men predominantly that we're creating this movement, and for who? For other white, rich men as well.

Kaila Drayton 
We'll also talk about some of the steps that NWF is currently taking on our journey towards becoming a more equitable and just organization.

Andrea Auguiste 
That journey to the place where we are now as an organization has not happened overnight. And it has actually been intentional because of the work of so many who have insisted over and over and over again that the organization truly undertake this journey.

Nicole Litwiller 
And finally, we'll close out the season with dreaming together about what we hope to see for the future of the National Wildlife Federation.

Collin O'Mara 
My vision is that the equity and justice work just becomes so embedded in our DNA and our fabric that it's enduring.

Kaila Drayton 
The first episode drops September 21st, and we'll be releasing episodes every Wednesday. You can find us anywhere you listen to podcasts.


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