The National Wildlife Federation

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The Disney Conservation Fund (DCF), founded in 1995, is a key pillar in Disney's efforts to protect the planet and help kids develop lifelong conservation values. DCF grants provide financial support for: the study of wildlife; the protection of habitats; the development of community conservation and education programs in critical ecosystems; and experiences that connect kids to nature through exploration and discovery.

Every moment in a child's life provides an opportunity for discovery. Whether it's seeing tiny turtles emerging from the sand and making their way to the ocean, or watching a spider weave a delicate web, these are experiences that inspire lifelong nature conservation values. The greatest gift we can give our children is a world where nature thrives. Through collaboration with respected nature organizations, the Disney Conservation Fund helps to create opportunities for children and families to discover, experience, and support nature.

Botanical Interests
is a family-owned business offering more than 600 dependable varieties of non-GMO and untreated vegetable, herb, and flower seeds, many of which are also certified organic and heirloom. Because Botanical Interests aims to make the home gardener successful, they now offer gardening products, including seed tape and paper pots, while their seed packets continue to include a wealth of sowing and other information.