The Investment


Build, Scale, & Sustain

The $10 million three-year campaign will build:

Capacity: The fund will resource capacities, management, and infrastructure of our coastal resilience program including: program leadership, additional program staff, technical infrastructure, research and development, and on the ground project implementation.

Scalability: The fund will resource the development of a replicable model that will enable us to leverage efficiencies and accelerate implementation. We will seed projects in multiple target geographies concurrently to quickly scale and increase impact.

Sustainability: This fund will resource the investment in partnerships, advocacy, and on-going research to track progress of implemented projects to ensure sustainability.

Please consider an investment in building the capacity of coastal resilience work to save wildlife and people.

To make a donation, or for more information, please contact:

Jennifer Parkos
Director of Regional Philanthropy

Where We Work

More than one-third of U.S. fish and wildlife species are at risk of extinction in the coming decades. The National Wildlife Federation is on the ground in seven regions across the country, collaborating with 53 state and territory affiliates to reverse the crisis and ensure wildlife thrive.

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