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National Staff

Liz Soper

Senior Director, K-12 Education Programs

Jennifer Hammonds

Director K-12 Education

Kath Race

Senior Coordinator, K-12 Education Programs

Jennifer Brown

Manager, Digital Content

Malena Garcia

Florida Education Manager

April Gilbert

Senior Coordinator Programs

Crystal Jennings

Director, Youth Leadership Programs

Anita Singh

Manager, National Field Education

Emily Fano

Senior Manager, Climate Resilience Education

Regional Staff

Courtney Sullivan

Northern Rockies, Prairies, & Pacific

Morgan Parks

Northern Rockies, Prairies, & Pacific

Naomi Alhadeff

Northern Rockies, Prairies, & Pacific

Marya Fowler

South Central

Karen Bishop

South Central

Holly Gallagher


Allison Mulch

New Jersey

Tiffany Carey

Great Lakes

Manja Holland

Great Lakes

Natalie Cohen


Sarah Ward

Manager, NYC Schools and Community Habitats

Brendon Barclay

South Central

Frequently Asked Questions

Joining Eco-Schools USA is free and open year-round. Register today!

Eco-Schools provides a framework to address sustainability. While Eco-Schools USA does offer curriculum related to specific pathways, the program does not provide a comprehensive set of curriculum.