The National Wildlife Federation

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Monarch Butterfly Golden Rod: Ronald Gibson

The National Wildlife Federation’s Garden for Wildlife™ program helps people restore habitat and wildlife populations to our cities, towns and neighborhoods. Since 1973, the program has been educating and empowering people turn their own small piece of the Earth—their yards and gardens—into thriving habitat for birds, butterflies and other wildlife. In doing so, the Garden for Wildlife™ program helps wildlife and gives people a daily connection to the natural world, literally right outside their door.

Join the Movement

You can get involved in creating wildlife-friendly gardens and landscapes in your own yard, but also throughout your community. The National Wildlife Federation has recognized over 200,000 spaces representing 1.5 million acres as Certified Wildlife Habitats in suburban yards, schools, campuses, corporate properties, farms, parks, and more.

You can create a wildlife-friendly garden anywhere!