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From simple cooking options to more complex creations, there are a variety of ways to prepare meals for a camping adventure. Make your group—whether it’s one or ten—happy campers by preplanning and organizing meals to offer variety and options.

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Start by listing your group’s dietary do’s and don’ts to get an idea of the range of foods needed. People may have fish or nut allergies, gluten sensitivity, don’t like certain foods, are vegetarian and more.

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If you have time and people are available to list their preferences, let everyone submit their “ideal” menu or what they might like to have camping.

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Figure out the number of people, duration of days camping and the number of meals needed each day. This includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. You may venture out for a meal in town so think about those things, too.

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Based on preferences, consider meal options that work for everyone and have back-up options for those that need alternate choices.

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For great ways to cook at the campsite on the stove or grill, check out the handy Cooking Guide from our partner, Johnson Outdoors.

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This may seem a bit overwhelming, but by considering people’s preferences you are better able to plan what meals work best for everyone.

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And don't forget these fun, easy recipes: Foil Dinner and Add More to Your S’mores!

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