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About Greenforce® Initiative

Jobs for the Future and the National Wildlife Federation are partners in the Greenforce® Initiative, an effort to strengthen the capacity of community colleges in six regions of the United States to green the skills of our modern workforce.

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The Greenforce® Initiative:

  • Strengthens workforce development and sustainability practices at community colleges
  • Advances the basic skills of lower-skilled adults, focusing on sustainability, green, and STEM skills
  • Increases the ability of lower-skilled adults to access jobs and career pathways in their local communities

The Greenforce® Initiative builds upon the combined experience of the National Wildlife Federation and Jobs for the Future in environmental sustainability and workforce development, aided by our networks of regional partners and shared belief in the critical role community colleges play in preparing America's workforce.

Jobs for the Future and the National Wildlife Federation share a desire to increase the capacity of community colleges to help nontraditional students enter the job market with marketable sustainability skills. The National Wildlife Federation has more than 20 years of history of working with colleges and universities to improve their overall green educational programming and onsite sustainability. For over 25 years, Jobs for the Future has worked to create and expand training-based and education-based solutions to poverty, and it has deep expertise in engaging colleges in workforce partnerships and sector-specific workforce development initiatives.

"By filling the needs of those most directly involved with the implementation of occupational skills development and sustainability education, the Greenforce® Initiative continues to strengthen the capacity of community colleges to train workers for the sustainability jobs that exist today," says Gloria Mwase, Program Director for Jobs for the Future.

"We are proud of the network Greenforce® has fostered for students across academic disciplines who seek to carve out their niche in the new sustainable economy," says Julian Keniry, Senior Director of Campus & Community Leadership, National Wildlife Federation. "As we move forward, these regional collaborations between community colleges and employers will yield a vital dialogue on 'hiring green.'"

Read our Greenforce® Initiative One-pager.

Read our press release announcing the launch of Phase II—The Greenforce® Initiative Links Employers and Community Colleges to Meet Growing Need for Sustainability Skills, October 15, 2012

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