Ranger Rick Magazine Announces Winners of National Photo Competition

The National Wildlife Federation, along with its prestigious children’s publication, Ranger Rick magazine are delighted to announce the five most recent winners in Ranger Rick magazine’s "Your Best Shots" photo contest. This special honor is given to young photographers who best capture original, inspiring and truly extraordinary photos of wildlife, landscapes or both.

The winning images were selected by a panel of judges for their exceptional content out of thousands of entries submitted from across the nation. The five photographs will be featured in the December/January 2016 issue of Ranger Rick magazine.

"These captivating images of wildlife and nature have the power to educate and inspire young readers in many ways," said Mary Dalheim, editorial director of Ranger Rick and Ranger Rick Jr. magazines at the National Wildlife Federation. "We always aim to instill a passion for nature and promote outdoor activity in our magazines and organization, the winning photographers are helping us fulfill that mission."

The five winners of the "Your Best Shots" contest will receive a certificate of recognition for their accomplishment as well as five copies of the magazine displaying their winning photo. The winners are featured below:

Sun-Sational Shot

By Dunjasha A., age 13


Shake It Off

By Ian M., age 10                                                                                              

New Albany, OH                                                                                                  

Bird on a Bridge

By Rebecca O., age 13

Solon, OH                                                                                                                  



Out of the Woods

By Searra B., age 12

Idaho Falls, ID

Licking Lizard

By Sofi S., age 10

Austin, TX

Ranger Rick magazine’s "Your Best Shots" photo contest is an ongoing competition that selects its winners three times each year for the publication’s December-January, April and August issues. Photographers must be 13 years of age or younger to participate, have parent or guardian consent and be the original photographer of the winning image. For more information on contest regulations, visit: http://www.nwf.org/Kids/Ranger-Rick/Photo-Contest/Contest-Details.aspx.



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