Washington Wolf Management Regrettable But Necessary

NWF deeply regrets the removal of the Profanity Peak wolf pack in Northeast Washington

Ferry County, Washington  – The National Wildlife Federation deeply regrets the removal of the Profanity Peak wolf pack in Northeast Washington. Decisions to remove wolves are never easy.

NWF recognizes, however, that The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) is following the protocol developed by Washington State’s Wolf Advisory Group (WAG) — a diverse group of stakeholders — and we strongly support this collaborative approach to wolf management.

WAG and WDFW have committed to evaluate how the protocol worked on the ground this season in order to improve it for next year. The protocol and Washington’s wolf management program have a goal of maintaining viable wolf populations in Washington even while effectively responding to management issues such as wolf depredations. 

Washington’s approach mirrors management in other states. State wildlife agencies, working with many partners have developed and implemented wolf management strategies that have resulted in the re-establishment of wolf populations throughout much of the Northwest and Northern Rockies over the last 20 years. This collective work has been a remarkable conservation achievement and NWF has been proud to be part of the effort.

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