Nominee Pruitt Must Show Willingness to Implement Clean Water Act, Clean Air Act

WASHINGTON – President-elect Donald Trump has reportedly chosen Scott Pruitt, currently serving as Oklahoma Attorney General, as his nominee for Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, a position that holds great significance for the tens of millions of hunters, anglers, bird watchers, paddlers and other outdoor and wildlife enthusiasts across the country.

Collin O’Mara, president and CEO of the National Wildlife Federation, said today:

“The National Wildlife Federation expects that Senate confirmation hearings will include a vigorous questioning about the necessity of protecting our wildlife, communities and natural resources from pollution and environmental degradation. Attorney General Pruitt should be asked specifically about whether he’s ready and willing to implement Clean Water Act, Clean Air Act, Toxic Substances Control Act, and other bedrock environmental statutes to benefit all Americans. The nominee should also be asked about past statements questioning the need for environmental protections and denying climate science. Americans overwhelmingly support clean water, healthy air, and abundant wildlife and any attempts to weaken environmental protections or enforcement will face vocal resistance from across party lines. 

“The National Wildlife Federation looks forward to hearing Attorney General Pruitt’s plans for protecting America’s clean air and water, and addressing on-going pollution that threatens wildlife. Our members span the political and economic spectrums and they, like the majority of Americans, find common ground in their passion for safeguarding America’s wildlife and natural resources based on the sound application of science and bedrock environmental laws. Sewage laden lakes and rivers – some so polluted they caught on fire – and air that was dangerous to breathe led Republican President Richard Nixon to establish the Environmental Protection Agency, which has been incredibly successful in cleaning up the air we breathe, the lakes we fish from and swim in, and the water we drink.”

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