NWF Applauds Gov. Whitmer Taking First Steps to Decommission Line 5 on First Full Day in Office

Ann Arbor, MI – Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer requested an opinion from new Attorney General Dana Nessel on the constitutionality of the recent legislation passed in December’s lame duck period and signed by former Gov. Rick Snyder. The National Wildlife Federation applauded the move as the potential first step to fulfilling the campaign promise made by both Gov. Whitmer and Nessel to shut down Line 5.

Beth Wallace, conservation partnerships manager for the National Wildlife Federation Great Lakes Regional Center, issued the following statement:

“The National Wildlife Federation welcomes the announcement from Governor Whitmer and Attorney General Nessel that they will be reviewing the constitutionality of the Snyder/Enbridge legislation. The last-minute, lame duck legislation should be scrutinized from every angle, as many steps were missed in rushing to finish a backroom deal that leaves Line 5 open indefinitely. We now have leaders committed to protecting the Great Lakes by moving toward decommissioning Line 5 in a rapid manner. We look forward working closely with the Whitmer and Nessel administrations to put the interests of the Great Lakes, Michigan businesses, and our drinking water ahead of a foreign oil company. Fortunately, feasible and cost-effective alternatives exist for the few services Line 5 provides Michigan, as outlined in detail by recent London Economics International reports. This action is a good first step toward fulfilling Gov. Whitmer and Attorney General Nessel’s campaign pledges to decommission Line 5.”

Gov. Whitmer’s full request can be viewed here.

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