Explore the Outdoors, #CampLikeAnAnimal During the 2019 Great American Campout™

Reston, VA — The National Wildlife Federation invites all Americans to join thousands of campers nationwide who are taking the pledge to camplikeananimal, protect wildlife, and enjoy the outdoors during the 15th Annual Great American Campout™.

“Camping offers families a perfect opportunity to instill in the next generation a passion for wildlife and the outdoors,” said Collin O’Mara, president and CEO of the National Wildlife Federation. “As a father of two young girls, I’ve seen firsthand how the Great American Campout can kindle kids’ love of nature. Whether families are sleeping under the stars for the first time or experienced outdoor adventurers, the Great American Campout is a fantastic opportunity to unplug and reconnect with what matters most.”

The Great American Campout™, which will run from June to October, is a celebration of camping as a way to connect with nature, and aims to highlight that camping can happen during any season and in almost any location.

To kick off this year’s celebration, National Wildlife Federation and Ranger Rick will be hosting several camping events around the country throughout June. Events will feature family friendly activities including guided nature walks, night hikes, campfire storytelling, s’mores, camping tips, multilingual guides, and more. A few of the planned camping events include the following: 

Pledging to participate in The Great American Campout™ is free and open to all ages. Through this initiative, National Wildlife Federation encourages camping by anyone, anywhere (park, beach, campground, forest, or backyard), and by any means (RV, tent, cabin, under the stars, etc.).

Ranger Rick and his animal friends will once again be helping young campers join the fun and excitement with family-friendly downloadable camping activities, recipes, and books. Visit our website to learn more about public campouts near you.

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