National Wildlife Federation Applauds Court Ruling on Ethanol; EPA Ignored Endangered Species Act

Washington, DC  The D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals has sided with the Sierra Club, ruling that the EPA must comply with the Endangered Species Act and take into account harm to endangered and threatened species when it sets annual volume limits for corn ethanol in gasoline as part of the federal Renewable Fuel Standard.

You can read the Sierra Club’s statement here.

Reforming the Renewable Fuel Standard is a top priority for the National Wildlife Federation, due to the impact that it has had on drinking water, wildlife habitat, and climate change. The court cited research commissioned by the National Wildlife Federation and conducted by the University of Wisconsin in its decision, as well as a comprehensive report on environmental impacts issued by the EPA last year. That report, however, embodied the agency’s lackadaisical approach to its legal obligations to safeguard the environment, coming four years later than required by law and only after another lawsuit by the Sierra Club.

David DeGennaro, agriculture policy specialist for the National Wildlife Federation, said:

“This is an important victory for wildlife and a necessary first step in fixing U.S. biofuels policy. For years, the National Wildlife Federation has implored the EPA to take seriously its requirement to safeguard the environment and wildlife. The court has rightfully told the agency to follow the law to ensure that biofuels policy does not harm endangered species. We urge the EPA to follow the science and take action.”

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