The National Wildlife Federation Calls on President Trump to Nominate a Permanent BLM Director

WASHINGTON, D.C. — For a fourth time, the Department of Interior has extended the temporary appointment of William Perry Pendley as the de facto chief of the Bureau of Land Management. The National Wildlife Federation calls on President Trump to formally nominate a candidate to be confirmed as director.

“The Bureau of Land Management is our country’s largest public land agency, and yet the Trump administration has kept it in a constant state of flux and uncertainty by failing to nominate a permanent leader for it,” said Tracy Stone-Manning, associate vice president for public lands at the National Wildlife Federation.  “Perhaps they haven’t because they realize Mr. Pendley would not be confirmed by the Senate, given he has spent his entire career railing against the very agency he now purports to lead and he is so riddled with conflicts of interest, he’s had to recuse himself from most decision-making. Now more than ever, we must have real leadership and governing skills in Washington. It’s past time for the president to nominate a qualified BLM director for Senate confirmation to lead this vitally important agency.”

Mr. Pendley has been the acting director since last July. The Bureau of Land Management has not had a permanent director during the Trump administration.


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